Checklist:  Is the USPM-2 the right choice for you?
Does your RtI/PBIS model utilize an effective and easy-to-use universal screening method for all students?

Does your RtI/PBIS model effectively monitor student progress?

Does your RtI/PBIS model provide comprehensive data contributing to outstanding decisions for your students?

Does your RtI/PBIS model easily prioritize needs along a multitiered system of prevention, intervention, and postvention supports?

Does your RtI/PBIS model result in significantly improved student outcomes?

Does your RtI/PBIS model move beyond just academics and behavior?

Are you spending less than $100 per year at your school site for RtI/PBIS?

Are teachers spending less than 10 hours per year in RtI/PBIS activities?

Does your RtI/PBIS model lead to and result in increased professional collaborations, consultations, and teamwork?

Are you satisfied with your current RtI/PBIS model?

If you answered "No" to any of these questions, it may be time to consider the USPM-2!

Visit the Official USPM-2 Web Page at:


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